Downtime from poor vehicle performance could be costing you thousands in revenue each year.

Your brakes are costing you more than you realise. 

In an average year, a mine site with 60 vehicles could spend upwards of $600,000 on maintaining or replacing OEM brakes.

This sum doesn’t include the time that is lost with that vehicle in the workshop, spending hours out of action and losing productivity.

So how much are you really spending? 

There is a better way.

Terra Dura

Ultimate performance to save you time and money.

Why make the change to Terra Dura® brakes?

Longer Lasting Brakes

Terra Dura® brake pads can last up to 50,000 km and are self-adjusting, helping to extend the life of your wheel bearings.

Increased Safety

Terra Dura® brake pads are unaffected by dirt, mud or water, ensuring maximum performance in high-risk environments.

Less Downtime

Terra Dura® brakes remove the need for frequent servicing or replacement, resulting in less downtime.

Environmentally Friendly

Brake dust is contained within the polymer housing, protecting the environment from harmful emissions.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Both labour and part replacement costs are reduced, with installation costs paid back in as little as three months

Increase Business Productivity

With Terra Dura®, your vehicles will be on the road for longer, maximising your productivity potential.

Find out how much you could save:

Advanced Braking Technology

About Advanced Braking Technology

With over 15 years of technical expertise and experience, Advanced Braking Technology has developed sealed, integrated braking systems that can outlast the harshest conditions. 

Terra Dura® brakes are fully sealed, preventing moisture and contaminants from getting into the brake and damaging or wearing down the brake pads and rotors. Our technology not only provides a safer operating environment for vehicles in high-risk situations, but also increases vehicle reliability and maximises your productivity potential.

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